Calcium Test Kits

Calcium Test Kits Help and Advice

Keep your tank's calcium levels in check

Calcium is one of the critical building blocks for corals, clams, calcareous algae and many other marine organisms. It's vital for a balanced marine environment. We provide a great selection of trusted and reliable calcium test kits from market-leading brands such as API and Hanna to enable you to test the calcium levels of your fish tank in confidence.

What are calcium test kits?

Calcium is one of the most important elements in a reef aquarium. Reef invertebrates, such as corals, crustaceans and molluscs need calcium to grow and remain healthy. Over time, the calcium level drops as it is used by invertebrates, or as it reacts with excess phosphate. Calcium test kits measure calcium levels to help you keep your reef inhabitants healthy.

Why might I buy calcium test kits?

Particularly in marine aquariums that contain lots of corals and invertebrates, it's so important that calcium levels are checked regularly. Calcium is an essential element in an aquarium and a vital element for a reef tank. Just like people, calcium helps keep our bone structure healthy. Achieving the correct calcium concentration range is critical: too little can lead to poor coral health, while too much can result in depletion of carbonate hardness (kH). Testing for calcium allows you to ensure optimal conditions for your aquarium inhabitants and the stability of other significant water chemistry parameters.

What are the main types of calcium test kits?

We carry a range of test kits with a few differences. Take Red Sea's user-friendly Calcium Marine Test Kit, for instance, it provides a quick and reliable measurement of calcium in your aquarium to keep your water chemistry within the correct range allowing you to spend more time enjoying your reef tank and less time worrying about parameters. The Hanna Calcium Marine Pocket Checker bridges the gap between simple chemical test kits and professional instrumentation. This calcium checker provides hobbyists with an instant digital readout of calcium levels in just 3 easy steps.

What accessories should I buy with calcium test kits?

Depending on the calcium consumption rate of your aquarium, it will help you determine what you should use to replenish it. Each solution is designed for different consumption rates and can be partnered with other devices to help you automate, adding them to your aquarium. If the calcium level in your aquarium is wrong, partial water changes using a good quality reef salt is recommended to help re-establish the correct calcium concentration.