Blagdon Clean Pond Machine UV Filter System

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Blagdon's Clean Pond Machine is an innovative new UV filter system. It is a completely foam free solution to a beautiful pond.


  • Clean Pond Machine 1900-7000
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  • Clean Pond Machine 2800-10000
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  • Clean Pond Machine 3600-13000
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  • Clean Pond Machine 4500-16000
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Product Information

Blagdon's Clean Pond Machine, building on 10 years of development, has been designed to tackle pond problems which pondkeepers have been struggling with for decades. The Clean Pond Machine is an easy to use and maintain system which deals with green water, brown water, blanketweed, sludge and encourages healthy plants.

Clean Hands System: Turn the handle to rotate the cutting and mixing blades through CHI media, releasing dirt and waste to your garden, keeping hands clean and dry.

5 in 1 Clean Pond Pods: Blagdon's patented direct to filter pod dosing system introduces bacteria and enzymes directly to the waste in the oxygen rich filter chamber, effectively reducing filter cleaning and pond sludge.

Easy Clean CHI Media: Unique 2 in 1 CHI biological and mechanical media creates a clean healthy pond without need for foam. CHI media has a lifetime guarantee and will never need replacing.

UV Green Water Clarifier: Integrated UVC light penetrates pond water killing green water algae and binding it together into larger clumps. Clumps are removed by filter media guaranteeing clear water.

Technical Data:

Guarantee Voltage Hz Max Pressure Max Pumping Height IP Rating Cable Length
3 Years 230 50 0.07 bar 7m IP57 3m

Clean Pond Machine Size Pond Size Volume Pond Size Dimensions Approx. (LxWxD) UV Wattage Max Flow Rate through UVC from Pump Recommended Hose Size Tank Volume CHI Media Volume
1900-7000 1900ltrs 2.4m x 1.7m x 0.46m 9w 3,500ltrs / 770gal 25mm / 1" 11.5lt 2.6lt
2800-10000 2800ltrs 3.6m x 1.6m x 0.48m 11w 5,000ltrs/1,100gal 25mm / 1" 11.5lt 3.8lt
3600-13000 3600ltrs 3.6m x 2.0m x 0.49m 13w 6,500ltrs / 1,430gal 32mm / 1¼" 16.8lt 5lt
4500-16000 4500ltrs 4.3m x 2.1m x 0.5m 18w 8,000ltrs / 1,760gal 40mm / 1½" 16.9lt 6lt

Accessories included:

  • 3 x multi hose tails (inlet, outlet and waste) to fit the following hose diameters, 1½", 1¼", 1", ¾".
  • Models 1900 & 2800 - 6 pods included with first purchase.
  • Models 3600 & 4500 - 9 pods included with first purchase.

Using the Clean Machine and Clean Pond Pods:

  • Clears blanketweed.
  • Reduces filter cleaning.
  • Feeds aquatic plants.
  • Eats pond sludge.
  • Makes tapwater safe.
  • Is pet and wildlife safe.

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    Date 18/05/2021 06:05am
    Blagdon Clean Pond Machine 4500-16000
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    It’s only been in for two days and is clearly working
  • Rating
    Date 04/01/2021 10:01am
    Blagdon Clean Pond Machine 2800-10000
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    looking forward to not taking it apart every few weeks!