Rowa Carbon Crystal Premium

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Rowa Carbon - Crystal Premium Carbon is an effective activated carbon filter media based on the finest quality hard coal, helping to remove pollutants from your aquarium water that have been missed by your filter system.


  • Active Carbon 1ltr - 500g
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  • Active Carbon 5ltr - 2.5kg
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Product Information

Rowa Crystal Premium Carbon is an unusually high-performance activated carbon based on the finest quality hard coal and contains extremely low levels of Phosphate.

Within the aquarium activated carbon will remove toxins and yellowing from the water which will improve the health of your livestock and improve the penetration of light leaving your aquarium crystal clear.

Many low cost carbon products on the market place are washed in phosphoric acid as a final stage of their preparation and can release high levels of Phosphate into the water. Rowa Crystal Premium Carbon contains extremely low levels of Phosphate.

Problems with algae are often caused by the release of phosphate from activated carbon with high POI (Phosphate Output Index) levels - often as high as 14.0, which inhibit lime synthesis in coralline algae, corals and other organisms that deposit lime.

Rowa Crystal Premium Carbon is distinguished by its exceptionally low POI level of only 1.3 which is considerably below detection levels of phosphate test kits available to the hobbyist.


  • For removing yellow colouration from water: use 500ml for 1000 litres / 220 gallons
  • For use following treatment with medication: use 400ml for 500 litres / 110 gallons

Key Features:

  • Highly active, with a long life
  • PH balanced
  • Comes in pelleted form
  • Minimal phosphate levels to reduce algae build up
  • Large surface area for maximum effect

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