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EcoPond Water Butt Fresh

Water butt treatment that keeps water free from algae/odour

At a glance...
  • Keeps natural rainwater collections clean and free from algae
  • 500 ml treats 2000 l
  • Degrades organic matter
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A new water butt treatment product which degrades organic matter to keep water butts free from odours and algae growth, this product can also be used to treat grey water. Water Butt neutralises the damaging effects of soap residues, so it is safe to water ornamental plants and gardens.

Key Features:

  • Degrades organic matter
  • Keeps water free from algae/odour
  • Can treat grey water (collected rain water)
  • Neutralises soap residues


Add 25ml to 100 litres of rainwater weekly or use double.

Product Size Treats
Water Butt Fresh 500ml 500ml 2000litres (450 Gallons)
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