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Eheim 1212 Powerhead Aquaball 650

All-purpose pump for movement of water

At a glance...
  • Allows you to adjust water flow in any direction
  • Adjustable pump capacity and suitable for use with an under gravel filter
  • 3-year guarantee
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The Eheim 1212 powerhead is an all-purpose pump.

It promotes movement in the water and is suitable to use with an under gravel filter. It has a unique Aquaball design to allow it to be adjusted in any direction. The flow can be controlled via a knob on top of the device.

The Aquaball attaches to the tank via sturdy suction cups. As you'd expect from Eheim, the 1212 is made from the best materials and to the highest standard-so you can be confident of the best performance.

Product Eheim 1212 Powerhead
Wattage 6W
Size 1212
Output 210-650l/h
Hose size 19-27mm
Delivery head 0.43m
Guarantee 3 years
Integrated diffuser Yes
Clip-on rapid fixation Yes
Adjustable pump capacity Yes
3D adjustment of the pump Yes
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