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eSHa Trimarin Wide Range Marine Treatment (No Inverts)

A wide range marine system treatment

At a glance...
  • Treats marine white spot, fin rot, fungus and infections
  • Suitable for fish-only marine systems
  • Perfect broad-spectrum treatment
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What is eSHa Trimarin?

eSHa Trimarin is a wide range marine system treatment that can be used to treat a variety of ailments, though should not be used with invertebrates or corals. 

  • 20ml bottle treats 800l for the recommended three day treatment course.
  • Suitable for marine fish only systems, not to be used with invertebrates, corals or anemones.
  • Broad spectrum treatment that treats marine white spot and fin rot, as well as fungal, bacterial and parasitic infections.
  • Effective against Dactylogyrus, Cryptocaryon and more.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

This wide range treatment is ideal for invert-free marine fish systems, covering a broad spectrum of diseases that mean you don’t need to worry about choosing the right treatment, knowing eSHa Trimarin is effective against almost everything.

What treatments can I use with this solution?

It is not recommended to use any other treatments whilst treating with eSHa Trimarin, though the use of eSHa Minaroll after an illness is actively encouraged, providing a blend of trace elements, vitamins and minerals to support their immune system.

How do I use this treatment?

This comes in a 20ml bottle which is suitable for treating an 800l aquarium over a 3 day course. 

To use, start with your initial dose on day 1, followed by a smaller dose on days 2 and 3. As with most treatments, you should remove any chemical filtration that you have whilst you are treating the aquarium.

This is suitable for use with fish only marine systems, though it would be harmful to marine invertebrates and corals, including anemones.

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