Fish Mate Pressurised UVC | Pond Filters

Keep your pond water crystal clear

At a glance...
  • Pressurised UV pond filter
  • Includes Supra Bio Media
  • Easy installation above or below ground level

Fish Mate 5000 Pressurised Filters allow you to benefit from a combined U.V. and Biological Filter, creating a more complete filtration process than using mechanical and biological pond filters alone.

The difference in your water quality will be noticeable if you have not been operating a UVC in your pond. That's because free floating green algae is often too small to be picked up by mechanical filters, their small size meaning that they can pass through most filter mediums unchecked, meaning that while clean on contaminants, you pond water might well be green!

A UVC causes small algae particles to fuse together, clumping them in larger particles and killing them, meaning they are large enough to be captured by the biological and mechanical filter media and broken down, giving you cleaner water than ever.

Each Fish Mate 5000 Pressurised Filter features 3 stages of filtration - mechanical filtration, which catches larger particles of debris, biological filtration which uses Supra biological media to allow the growth of beneficial bacteria, and a U.V. clarifier.

Because they are pressurised filtration systems, they allow you the freedom to install them either above or below ground level, making it easy to blend into the local area should you so wish.

Key Features:

  • Easy installation above or below ground level
  • Includes Supra Bio Media
  • Three stage filtration process including UV
  • Catches large particles of dirt
  • Includes 5 metres of cable
Product UV Wattage Inlet pipe size Outlet pipe size Max pond size Dimensions
Fish Mate UV Filter 5000 Pond Filter 9W 20-25mm 20-25mm 5000l no fish/2500l with fish, no koi L:27 x W:25 x H:28cm approx.
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