Maxspect Lagoon Smart Marine Aquarium LS-120

A 303-litre smart reef tank with sump and cabinet included

At a glance...
  • 303l rimless reef tank with dedicated sump and cabinet
  • Comes with gyre flow pumps, return pump, skimmer, and more
  • Tank dimensions: 120 x 55 x 55cm
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What is this Maxspect Lagoon Smart Marine Aquarium LS-120?

This Maxspect Lagoon Smart Marine Aquarium LS-120 is a high-tech reef system that comes with all the equipment you'll need to recreate a colourful, thriving oceanscape in your home. It has a stylish and contemporary design that'll complement any living space, not to mention a suite of premium features that make it really easy to maintain.

This is a large aquarium, with a volume of 303l, but when you consider the additional 110l provided by the ergonomically built PVC sump, you have a deceptively high-volume system on your hands that can support many corals, fish, and invertebrates. This sump, along with all the other external equipment, fits snuggly into the aquarium's dedicated cabinet, making for an incredibly neat, all-in-one style reef system.

What's included in this Maxspect Lagoon kit?

This a fantastic marine aquarium kit full of all the high-quality equipment you'll need to get started on your reefkeeping journey. In this kit you'll find:

  • A 303l rimless glass aquarium with 12mm-thick, ultra-clear and easy to clean front and side panels
  • A dedicated cabinet with aerospace grade aluminium framing and a waterproof, PVC coated exterior
  • An easy-to-access, optimised PVC sump with all the necessary pipework, float valves and space for tons of filter media
  • A Turbine Duo DC TD-12K Return Pump with a huge flow rate of 12,000l/h and adjustable dual outlets
  • Two Jump MJ-GF2K Gyre Flow Pumps that simulate realistic ocean currents inside your aquarium and eliminate dead spots
  • A Jump MJ-SK400 Protein Skimmer with dual intake and a patented dual needle wheel design
  • An overflow chamber with a patented water level adjustment valve, modular overflow weir and customisable water outlet components
  • A drawer-type electrical box to keep all your wiring neat, tidy, and away from any water
  • An integrated intelligent controller built into the cabinet that monitors your reef tanks vitals

What are the main features of this Maxspect Smart Marine Aquarium LS-120?

This Maxspect Smart Marine Aquarium LS-120 has been designed with modern, tech-loving reefkeepers in mind. It's the world's first aquarium set with a fully integrated, intelligent controller. This WiFi enabled controller allows you to quickly check your temperature probes and toggle the settings of your skimmer, return pump, gyre flow pumps and refugium lighting (sold separately). It also has a safety locking feature that keeps you, rather than a curious child, in control at all times.

You can keep an eye on your Maxspect Smart Marine Aquarium LS-120 at anytime from anywhere too, thanks to its compatibility with the intuitive and free-to-download Syna-G Cloud app. This app lets you take full control of your reef tank and adjust your skimmer, pumps, and lights (sold separately) at the easy click of a button. It also has several preset modes that make maintaining your reef tank simple, like water change mode, feeding mode and acclimation mode.

What options do I have with this Maxspect Smart Marine Aquarium LS-120?

This Maxspect Smart Marine Aquarium LS-120 is available in two different colourways: Ebony Black and Pearl White. These black and white finishes are single-tone matte finishes that add a real contemporary feel to the aquarium and make it the perfect centrepiece for any living space.

While this kit comes with everything you'll need to get your reef tank up and running, you will have to purchase your desired lighting separately. This LS-120 works best when paired with two Maxspect LED MJ-L 165 - a multi-mode, energy-efficient light that can also be controlled from anywhere in the world with the Syna-G Cloud app.

This kit has some other customisable options that can be purchased separately too, like an auto top-up reservoir and a MJ-L130R LED macroalgae light. These optional extras are easy to install and both designed to take your reef tank to the next level.


Product Specifications

Brand Maxspect
Tank Dimensions 120 x 55 x 55cm
Cabinet Dimensions 120 x 55 x 87cm
Sump Dimensions 68 x 49 x 39cm
Overall System Height 142cm
Marine? Yes
Tropical? No
Coldwater? No
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