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Spend and Save up to £18 this Christmas - SEE CODES. >

NT Labs Marine Lab Phosphate Test Kit

Keep an eye on phosphate levels in your water

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  • Phosphate test kit for marine and reef aquariums
  • Includes 40 tests, test tubes and liquid reagents
  • Critical factor in good coral growth
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Maintaining a low level of phosphate is essential for reducing unwanted algae and maintaining coral growth rates. Using NT Labs Marine Lab Phosphate Test will help you keep on top of the water levels and carry out the neccessary tests needed. Phosphate tends to accumulate as an aquarium ages, so regular monitoring of phosphate is required to determine the health of the aquarium.

Phosphate in natural seawater generally varies from 0.01 mg/l to 0.06 mg/l (in terms of phosphorus) in reef areas. However, in a reef aquarium, aim for 0.03 mg/l to maintain good coral growth and keep nuisance algae at to a minimum.

Regular maintenance and use of partial water changes with a good quality reef salt should help to keep phosphate low.

How to test for Phosphate:

Using the syringe provided, add approximately 5 ml of water to the glass test tube. Cap the test tube and shake briefly to wash the test tube. Uncap the test tube and discard this water.
• Add 10 mL (2 x 5 ml using the syringe) to the test tube. 3. Add 10 drops of Phosphate-1 Reagent.
• Add 10 drops of Phosphate-2 Reagent.
• Cap the test tube and shake well to mix.
• Wait for 5 minutes for the colour to develop.
• Once the 5 minutes has elapsed, uncap the test tube. View from the top and compare to the colour chart to determine the amount of phosphate present in the water.

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