Algae Treatment

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Pond algae treatment help and advice

Keep your water free of algae and blanket weed

Algae treatment can be an essential part of pond maintenance. If your pond gets clogged with blanket weed or turns so green you can't see the fish, then it could endanger the health of the entire pond. Our range of treatments to help control your algae problems means that you can ensure your pond is looking its' best. From natural remedies through to chemical treatments, we've got the right product for your pond needs.

What is pond algae treatment?

Pond algae treatment is a formula made up of bacterial enzymes and chemicals that removes algae build up in the water. Some treatments work by breaking down the algae and killing it while others cause the algae to bond together and fall to the bottom of the pond, cutting off the light needed for photosynthesis.

Why should I buy pond algae treatment?

Pond algae and blanket weed can block out sunlight and deprive fish of oxygen, leading to the death of pond life. It also makes it almost impossible to see your fish and generally looks unappealing. By using pond algae treatment you can ensure the health of your pondlife and be sure your pond always impresses friends and family.

What are the main types of pond algae treatment?

There are two main types of pond algae treatment, those designed to treat general algae and those focused on blanket weed. General algae treatment will clear soupy green water while blanket weed treatments will starve blanket weed, causing it to shrivel and die.

What features should you look out for when buying pond algae treatment?

Always check that the product you're buying contains enough pond algae treatment to clear your whole pond of the algae. Also, check what else the pond algae treatment you have bought can do, as it may perform double-duty as another type of pond treatment, such as AquaHydrotech Ltd Water Butt Fresh which treats both greywater and algae build up.