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Swell Barley Straw Pond Balls

Algae treatment to maintain a crystal clear pond

At a glance...
  • Natural pond treatment for algae
  • Promotes a clean and healthy pond
  • Treats 1,350 litres of pond water
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The pond balls keep pond water clear without the need for unsightly straw bales.

What are Swell Barley Straw Pond Balls?

Swell Barley Straw Pond Balls reduce the growth of green algae and help to maintain a crystal clear pond. Safe for all pond life and wildlife, this algae treatment can be added regularly to your pond and starts to work instantly by releasing natural barley straw extract into your pond water. Easy to use, Swell Barley Straw Balls are naturally safe, effective and treat up to 1,350 litres of pond water.

How does this algae treatment work?

Swell Barley Straw Pond Balls offer a natural process that combats and prevents algae growth. They have a biodegradable organic gel casing that dissolves to add the treatment to the pond in a slow-release form. Once added to your pond or pond filter, these gel balls release chemicals that help to break down both free-floating algae particles and string algae or blanketweed.

Blanketweed can harm your pond pump or filter, and any green water in the pond can reduce visibility for the fish and disrupt the delicate balance of oxygen levels present. Swell Barley Straw Pond Balls are a natural alternative to treat green water and blanketweed and create a clear pond.

Directions for use:

Add 100 ml of balls and some liquid to your filter at a dose rate of 100 ml per 450 litres. Repeat monthly for maximum effect. Contents are effective, even if damaged or treated roughly during transit.

Size 300 ml
Treats 1,350 litres
Suitable for All pond types
Fish and pet safe Yes
Pond plant safe Yes
Wildlife safe Yes
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