Swell Filter Pump Premium

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Swell Filter Pump Premium are the next step in filter pumps for your pond, with a huge choice of 9 sizes, so we'll have the right one to match with your pond.


  • 3000 Filter Pump Premium Sale
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  • 5000 Filter Pump Premium Sale
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  • 6500 Filter Pump Premium Sale
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  • 8000 Filter Pump Premium Sale
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  • 10000 Filter Pump Premium Sale
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  • 13000 Filter Pump Premium Sale
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  • 15000 Filter Pump Premium Sale
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  • 18000 Filter Pump Premium Sale
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  • 20000 Filter Pump Premium Sale
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Product Information

Swell Filter Pump Premiums come in a choice of 9 sizes, capable of moving from 3,000lph through to a massive 20,000lph, so there is something to suit most pond sizes. We offer a 3 year warranty with these, giving you peace of mind. These pumps are ideal for powering your ponds filtration system, waterfall or stream.

These are strong and robust pumps, that are capable of handling up to 8mm solids. They feature a 6 pole variable frequency, ensuring they have optimum performance, with an efficient super-silent motor.

Each of our pumps come with a stepped hosetail and adjustable fitting for ease of hose connection. The stepped hosetail allows for hose from 25mm (1 inch) to 40mm (1 1/2 inch) to be connected and they include a thermal cut-off switch to protect the motor when out of the water.

Product Max LPH Max Head Height Dimensions Inlet and Outlet Cable Wattage
3,000 3,000 3m 344x342x240mm 25-40mm 10m 25w
5,000 5,000 3.5m 344x342x240mm 25-40mm 10m 40w
6,500 6,500 4m 344x342x240mm 25-40mm 10m 50w
8,000 8,000 4.5m 344x342x240mm 25-40mm 10m 70w
10,000 10,000 5m 344x342x240mm 25-40mm 10m 85w
13,000 13,000 5.5m 344x342x240mm 25-40mm 10m 110w
15,000 15,000 6m 344x342x240mm 25-40mm 10m 135w
18,000 18,000 6.5m 344x342x240mm 25-40mm 10m 170w
20,000 20,000 7m 344x342x240mm 25-40mm 10m 200w

Impellers are a moving part and are therefore not covered under the manufacturer guarantee, replacement impellers are available here.

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