TMC AquaGro Biome All-In-One Desktop Aquarium

A nano aquarium kit for planted aquascapes

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At a glance...
  • Complete kit, includes light, pump, filter and heater
  • Perfect home for freshwater shrimps
  • Available in three sizes: 8l, 15l, 27l

What is this AquaGro Biome from TMC?

This TMC AquaGro Biome is a complete nano aquarium kit that has been designed with aquascapers and freshwater shrimp keepers in mind. Its compact design and built-in filtration/heating system make it suitable for all manner of spaces, from desktops to bedside tables.

The TMC AquaGro Biome is available in three different sizes: 8 litres, 15 litres and 27 litres. While they differ in size, all three AquaGro Biomes come with the same supplies and features.

What's included with this TMC AquaGro Biome?

These aquarium kits come with everything you'll need to get your miniature underwater world up and running, including:

  • An 8l, 15l or 27l aquarium made of ultra-clear, low-iron glass
  • A built-in filtration system with integral low voltage DC pump and heater (preset to 25°C)
  • A low voltage LED light with a touch sensor switch and 7 preset lighting modes
  • A condensation lid to limit evaporation, trap in heat and stop your aquarium's inhabitants from escaping

Is this TMC AquaGro Biome easy to set up and maintain?

Yes, this TMC AquaGro Bio is incredibly easy to set up and maintain. Before you begin assembling your aquarium, make sure that you've picked a strong and level piece of furniture to place it on - water can be deceptively heavy!

After you've found a suitable spot, install the DC pump, heater, and LED light as shown in the instructions provided. All three of these devices are designed to connect to the same power supply in order to reduce power consumption and simplify cable management.

Before you plug in your TMC AquaGro Biome, be sure to fill it with water. If you're planning to aquascape your miniature aquarium, it's recommended that you do this prior to adding water. Once that's done, you can turn everything on, sit back and relax as your aquarium goes through its all-important cycling process.

To clean your TMC AquaGro Biome, just unplug it, unclip the condensation lid and - if you need the extra space - the LED light. You'll then have easy access to the interior of the aquarium and the built-in filtration system to perform any cleaning/maintenance tasks.

What else should I buy with this desktop aquarium?

This TMC AquaGro Biome is great as it comes with everything you'll need to get an aquarium up and running. To make it look like a real underwater world, however, you may want to pick up some substrate, hardscape and plants.

After you've aquascaped your miniature aquarium and let it cycle, all that's left to do is add some inhabitants. For these kinds of aquariums, it's recommended that you stock it lightly and with invertebrates like freshwater shrimps (neocaridina and caridina) and snails (zebra, ramshorn, bladder and assassin), or nano fish like Chilli Rasboras and Celestial Pearl Danios. If you're planning on keeping any of the aforementioned fish, choose the 15l or 27l TMC AquaGro Biome. The 8l model is too small, even for these kinds of tiny fish.


Product Specifications

Product Volume LED Light Power Pump Power Heater Power Dimensions
AG Biome 8L 8L 3W 3W 10W 20 x 20 x 20cm
AG Biome 15L 15L 5W 3W 15W 25 x 25 x 25cm
AG Biome 27L 27L 8W 8W 32W 30 x 30 x 30cm
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