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Quality pond pumps

Swell UK stocks a wide range of pond pumps by quality manufacturers including Oase, Hozelock and Fish Mate. We provide a vast range of waterfall pond pumps, filter pumps and fountain pumps to help create a stunning water feature for your garden. Our products are available in a variety of styles for different applications and so whether you requite a pump for a water fountains or something to pump the water around your Koi pond, Swell UK have chosen a range of pumps to suit the majority of garden needs. We take pride in only selling reliable products of excellent quality.

Filter pond pumps

Filter pond pumps are designed to pump water through your filter, so the undesirable particles are removed leaving you with clean pond water. It is their job to pump water both in and outside of the pond, for example to filters and watercourses.

A filter pump has a strainer cage to allow large particles to pass through it and to the filter. They are fairly easy to maintain but need some spot cleaning to keep their efficiency levels to an optimum. Some pumps such as the Oase Aquamax Eco Premium have additional inlets to allow surface skimmers or satellite strainers to be added.

Fountain pumps

Fountain pumps are provide water to your features. They typically have telescopic tubes to allow for different water depths. Often they come with a number of fountains heads in popular spray displays like bell and foaming jets. Some fountain pumps are also a "jack of all trades" with secondary outlets so you can deliver water to both a fountain head and a filter. Top models include the Oase Aquarius and the Blagdon Midipond.

Feature pumps

Feature pumps are designed specifically to deliver the required water flow to your garden water features. They come in various sizes from the smallest spouting frog to the largest obelisk display. If you are just looking for a small, gentle effect you can consider our floating and solar power pumps. Our feature pumps range from the tiny Bermuda 450 Feature Pump to the larger Oase Aquarius Universal 12000.

Choosing and maintaining your pump

Whether you are a veteran of pond care or a total newbie, the start of pond season is a time to restock and check your equipment is in tip top condition. We recommend that you buy the best quality pond pump that you can afford to ensure that your pond is protected by an excellent piece of kit.

A little regular TLC means your pump will stay reliable for years to come. And when it comes to maintenance all you really need is a screwdriver and a few paper towels. Cleaning all the blanket weed, algae and gunk out of your pump will help it to do its job. Mud, sticks and slime can be the main problem causers, hindering the performance of your equipment. 

Some pond pumps should be removed in winter while others can be left in the pond running at a lower capacity. With a pump running gently in winter the warmer water at the bottom of the pond can be circulated throughout.

Circulation and filtration

Filter pumps like the Bermuda Filterforce, Oase Aquamax and Hozelock Aquaforce are designed to filter the waste particles out of your pond. The more fish and vegetation you have the more waste there will be and if you aren't careful this waste can upset the water chemistry.

As your fish produce waste, the waste gives off ammonia which is converted into nitrites by the beneficial bacteria that you have created in the filtration media of your pond filter. These nitrites are absorbed by plants and algae. This is known as the nitrogen cycle.

You should choose a pump based on the flow rate you need for your pond, which will depend largely on the size of your pond.