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  • Modern 60l Hexa aquarium with optional stand
  • Includes automatic heater and filter
  • 41 x 41 x 60cm display tank
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A very quick delivery, well-packed tank. Would buy it again.

What is the AquaEl Hexa Set aquarium?

The AquaEl Hexa Set is a complete aquarium for tropical fish. These unique shape Hexa aquariums will look incredible in any room thanks to the outstanding built-in hardware including a reliable circulator pump, automatic heater, flow-through filter, durable glass panels and inbuilt modern LED energy-efficient lighting. The Hexa set water tanks (previously called the AquaEl Hexa Set 60 aquariums) are a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a unique tropical tank.

What are the benefits of this aquarium?

The AquaEl Hexa set has a wide array of features and hardware that makes it perfect for a stylish living room, a hallway or even a children's room. The canopy features powerful LED lighting and a flow-through filter based around a reliable circulator pump which draws water up to flow through biological filter media. The water is then sent through the ComfortZone precision heater with heat regulation to maintain a constant tropical temperature in your aquascape. Rounding out the features we have reinforced glass panels, which keep the unique shape Hexa aquariums' tank durable and watertight protecting your fish and plants.

Can I buy a stand for this aquarium?

While the Hexa Set looks phenomenal on any tabletop, it can be paired with a purpose-built Hexa stand for a complete look. The stand is designed to accentuate the features of the aquarium and offer you additional space for fish food and treatments.



Brand AquaEl
Coldwater? Yes
Colour Black
Dimensions 41x41x60cm
Filter? Yes
Guarantee 2 Year
Heater? Yes
Lighting? Yes
Marine? No
Volume 60l
Other Hardware No
Pump? Yes
Tropical? Yes
Weight 11.2kg


SKU Contains
191318 Hexa tank
191320 Hexa black stand
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