AquaEl Optibent Aquarium 30

A fully equipped, designer aquarium set

At a glance...
  • Compact freshwater tank ideal for plants and shrimp
  • Unique rounded corners offer maximum visibility
  • Comes complete with lighting, filter and heater
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What is the AquaEl Optibent Aquarium 30?

Perfect for both beginners and experienced aquarists, the AquaEl Optibent is a fully equipped, designer aquarium set, ideal for freshwater set-ups including aquatic plants and shrimp. Its unique rounded corners maximise your viewing experience and allow you to view your underwater arrangement from any angle. Its high-transparency opti-type glass also improves viewing clarity. The whole set creates a unique visual effect, through which you can fully enjoy observing the results of your passion.

The Optibent set is available in three sizes: 20, 30 or 70 litres and two different colours: black or white.

Key Features:

  • High-transparency glass for optimal viewing
  • Perfect for shrimp and plants
  • Includes heater and fan filter
  • Unique but sleek look
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Available in 2 colours
  • Great for beginners or experienced aquarists
  • Beautiful night and day lighting options

Why should I buy the Optibent Aquarium 30?

The Optibent Aquarium 30 comes as a set with everything you need to get started, even if you are unfamiliar with the hobby. This aquarium set is perfect for shrimp, or even live plants. The included Leddy Slim Duo lights emit light similar to natural sunlight, and are designed to encourage plant growth, making it easy to keep a beautiful aquarium in your home. This tank is easy to set up too, as it includes a high quality heater, to regulate the temperature of your water, keeping it in the ideal range for inhabitants, and an adjustable fan filter to maintain a water flow, keeping the water both healthy and clear. This set is also energy efficient due to a low power consumption, and has a 2 year guarantee, to give you peace of mind. With a beautiful sleek and modern design, this aquarium is sure to be a statement piece in your home.

What does the set include?

The Optibent set includes:

  • The tank (including cover made of opti-type glass), with increased transparency and rounded front corners, without standard silicone joints.
  • Fan filter with adjustable capacity, aeration and water flow direction.
  • Electronic Ultra Heater in a durable plastic casing with Smart Heating System that independently adapts its wattage to the ambient conditions.
  • Complete Leddy Slim Duo Sunny & Plant Day & Night lighting that perfectly reproduces colours inside your tank interior with the Sunny spectrum and supports fast, uninterrupted plant growth with the Plant spectrum. In addition to that, the light has 3 modes: DAY/DAYBREAK/NIGHT.
  • Protective foam mat in a matching shape to put under the tank.
  • Operating Instructions.
Size OptiBent 30
Dimensions 35cm x 35cm x 40cm
Tank Volume 29L
LED Wattage 10W
Heater Wattage 25W
Filter Type Filter Fan Mini-Plus
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