Aquarium Systems T5 LED Marine Blue Actinic 8w-19w

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The perfect way to transform your existing T5 lighting system to run on LEDs, these T5 LED Lamps - Marine Blue are more energy efficient and the light reaches a better depth than T5s, but they will fit into your T5 lighting system with no problems.


  • T5 LED Marine Blue 55cm - 8w
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  • T5 LED Marine Blue 85cm - 12w
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  • T5 LED Marine Blue 115cm - 18w
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  • T5 LED Marine Blue 438mm - 7w
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  • T5 LED Marine Blue 590mm - 9w
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  • T5 LED Marine Blue 742mm - 12w
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  • T5 LED Marine Blue 895mm - 14w
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  • T5 LED Marine Blue 1047mm - 18w
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  • T5 LED Marine Blue 1200mm - 19w
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Product Information

The Aquarium Systems T5 LED Marine Blue Lamp is perfect to brilliantly illuminate your marine aquarium. And, as it fits into a standard T5 lamp unit, there is no need to upgrade your hood or lighting unit - saving money, time and energy.

Using a super high rating of 25,000K colour temperature, this efficient lighting strip creates a moonlight that adds a night-time effect to your marine or freshwater tank.

The high fluorescence of these powerful LEDs will highlight the natural luminescence of marine life beautifully. It will also add a rippled effect as the light penetrates the water, reaching the darkest corners, and, as it can be rotated 300 degrees, the light can be angled to the optimum point.

The LEDs will provide 5 times more light than the usual sources, all the while using 1/3 less electricity, saving you both money and power. These new lamps have an A* energy rating so you can rely on their efficiency. To add to their longevity, these light strips are not made from glass, so they will last and last.

LED lamps at a glance:

  • Contains high energy Actinic light.
  • Bio Fluoresces Corals.
  • 3 different blue LEDs.
  • Contains high energy Actinic light.
  • Traditional T5 end caps for direct replacement of Fluorescent Lamps.
  • Uses 1/3 electricity, producing double the light of equivalent fluorescent
  • 2 year guarantee.
  • Lampholder rotates to direct light correctly.
  • Waterproof when used in conjunction with the IP67 ULTRA SEALĀ® lampholders
  • Add ripple effect. Even one T5 LED lamp will make a difference.

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