Phosphate Removal Filter Media

Phosphate removal filters help and advice

Free yourself from murky water worries

Waste food, unwanted debris and other pollutants in your aquarium all contribute to an increased Phosphate level. Phosphate is like a fertiliser for algae and can cause fast-growing outbreaks if not removed. Phosphate removing filter media helps to keep levels low by absorbing the unwanted menace. Our range of phosphate removal filters includes Aqua One, Fluval and other leading brands.

What is a phosphate removal filter?

Phosphate removal filters are either in-tank substrates or filter media that are extremely chemically reactive to phosphates. When the phosphates within your tank come close to the phosphate removal filter the filter reacts with the phosphate, neutralising it and rendering it useless to the algae within your tank.

Why should I buy a phosphate removal filter?

Phosphate removal filters are a quick and cheap way to slow down the growth of algae in your tank and when combined with a nitrate removal filter they will completely stop algae growth - so you'll never have to worry about green water again. Both types of phosphate removal filters are relatively cheap and require almost no skill to install.

What are the main types of phosphate removal filters?

There are two types of phosphate removal filters, substrates and filter media. Substrate phosphate removal filters are like any aquarium substrate and must be added into the other substrate in your tank, they will neutralise any phosphate they touch or passes through them. Phosphate removal filter media is designed to go inside your filter pump, like any other filter media where it will act as both a mechanical filter and a phosphate removal filter.

What should I look for?

When buying a phosphate removal filter you must be certain that whichever delivery method you use is compatible with your tank and filter system. If you are buying a substrate phosphate removal filter then you need to ensure there is enough of it to be evenly distributed across the floor of your tank. However, if you're buying phosphate removal filter media, you will need to check that it can fit inside your filter pump and is of a compatible density.