Tropical Fish Tanks

Tropical fish tanks help and advice

Build a vibrant tropical aquarium

We offer a superb range of fish tanks designed to specifically cater for tropical freshwater fish from Cichlids to Tetras, all at great value prices. Our tropical fish tanks are supplied by leading brands, such as AquaEl and Fluval, and come in varying styles from nano and oval-shaped tanks to modern, stylish cabinets, so you'll be sure to find the perfect aquarium for both your fish and home.

What is a tropical fish tank?

A tropical fish tank is a fresh water fish tank that's heated to the temperature of tropical waters to allow fish from a tropical climate to inhabit it. While not as difficult to maintain as a marine fish tank, tropical fish tanks can be challenging as they must be kept at the right temperature at all times or risk the health of the fish. There's a huge selection of tropical fish tanks in varying sizes that are ideally suited to the diverse range of tropical fish currently available. For example, our large tropical aquariums are ideal for more active or large fish such as Rainbow Fish or Swordtails; whereas, our smaller tanks would be perfect for less active fish such as Siamese Fighting Fish.

Why should I buy a tropical fish tank?

Setting up a tropical fish tank is a great way for beginners to get up and running with the hobby. Tropical fish are generally more colourful than other freshwater fish and include some recognisable favourites that are sure to impress guests. Once a heater is set up and the water is being correctly cared for, most tropical fish tanks are relatively easy to maintain.

What are the main types of tropical fish tanks?

Two main features divide tropical fish tanks, stands and heaters. Some of the tropical fish tanks we sell come with either a heater or a stand included and some even come with both while others come with neither. If your tank comes without either a stand or a heater you will need to buy a new one as the heater is necessary for the care of tropical fish and the stand provides the tank with the correct amount of stability and security.

What should I look for?

Once you've chosen your tropical freshwater tank, it's simply a case of adding all the relevant accessories to complete your set-up such as filtration, lighting, heating equipment, decoration and substrates. Most tanks will come with some of these so it's important to check what the tank you're buying does and doesn't include.