Nitrate Test Kits Help and Advice

Determine the nitrate content in your aquarium

High nitrate levels in your fish tank can lead to increased growth of unsightly algae which also poses a health problem to your fish. At Swell UK we provide an excellent range of nitrate test kits from leading brands that allow you to accurately measure nitrate levels in your tank and can be used in both fresh and saltwater aquariums.

What are nitrate test kits?

Nitrate is the end product of mineralisation in the aquarium. Even in relatively high concentrations it's non-toxic for fish but harms plant growth and the well-being of several fish species. Too high nitrate contents can also promote unwanted algae growth if phosphate is present in the water as well as nitrate. Use a suitable nitrate remover to remedy the problem, and keep your tank beautifully healthy and algae free.

Why might I buy nitrate test kits?

Nitrate is not as dangerous for fish, but at high levels it stresses them, leaving them more susceptible to disease and ultimately shortening their lifespan. It's wise to track nitrate levels regularly in any aquarium and knowledge of your tank's nitrate levels is key to maintaining optimum water chemistry for your aquatic life. Our nitrate test kits give accurate readings so you can take charge of your tank water quickly and efficiently.

What are the main types of nitrate test kits?

Nitrate is the end product of biological filtration and the result of the decomposition of nitrite. It can also be present in tap water supplies. It's a key cause of algae growth and in high concentrations can cause fish and plant health problems as they are starved of nutrients. The Tetra Nitrate Test Kit should be used every 1-2 weeks to monitor levels properly. Just like many of the kits we carry, this kit uses a colour change system to give accurate results, simply compare your findings to the colour chart included.

What accessories should I buy with nitrate test kits?

Live aquatic plants are nature's nitrate filters, and readily soak up nitrates, and use them as fertiliser. Heavily plant any nitrate-laden aquarium with fast-growing live plants, and they will remove all the nitrate within days or weeks.