Arcadia Classica T8 LED Lamp - Sunlight

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Use these Arcadia Classica T8 LED Lamp - Sunlight to create a more powerful natural sunlight system using your old T8 Ballasts but with the advantage of LED technology: Less energy used, more light output! Perfect!


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Product Information

The T8 LED Sunlight Lamp from Arcadia brings you the brilliance and energy efficiency of LED lighting without the need for a new unit or hood. The plastic lamp simply fits into a standard T8 tube fitting, meaning no need for new equipment. Simply remove end caps from tube, and pop onto the LED strip for an easiy fitting.

This Sunlight model uses 8K (Kelvin) colour temperature to beam a natural daylight into your freshwater or marine aquarium. The pure, white light replicates a natural sunlight which promotes photosynthesis for healthy plant development.

The light also beautifully enhances the green colours in your tank, and shows off the life within in all of its natural glory. A stunning ripple effect is cast upon the water, simulating the natural effect of light in the ocean. And, as the strip can be angled up to 300 degrees, you can ensure that the light shines just where you want it.

LED lighting is becoming a firm favourite with aquarists as it lasts longer and uses less power than traditional forms. The T8 LED Sunlight Lamp uses just 1/3 of the electricity of a traditional lamp, and produces 5 times more light per kilowatt hour.

These new lamps are available from 60cms up to 120cms in length, so there is sure to be the perfect size for your aquarium. These come with a 2 year guarantee, and have an expected life of >50,000hrs.


Key Features:

  • Fits in to standard T8 light hood
  • 8K pure white light replicates daylight
  • Supports photosynthesis
  • Enhances natural greens
  • 5 x more light per kilowatt hour than other light forms
  • Energy efficient - uses only 1/3 of electricity than standard
  • A* Energy rating
  • Suitable for fresh water and marine aquariums

Latest Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Date 26/12/2018 10:12am
    Arcadia T8 LED Sunlight 90cms
    Feefo Logo
    Will definitely buy again, sturdy, well packaged, and easy to install in old tank hood.
  • Rating
    Date 09/11/2018 12:11pm
    Arcadia T8 LED Sunlight 90cms
    Feefo Logo
    A lot brighter than expected and able to rotate directing the light to your desired location.
  • Rating
    Date 21/10/2018 07:10am
    Arcadia T8 LED Sunlight 90cms
    Feefo Logo
    The LED light bulbs are very bright without getting warm. I’m pleased with them.