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  • Pond treatment that starves algae of essential nutrients
  • Naturally eliminates blanketweed
  • Encourages pond plant growth
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Blagdon Pond Balance Treatment battles blanketweed algae - the pond keeper's worst nightmare. With its unsightly green fibrous strands it can choke your whole pond and greatly reduce the ponds oxygen content and conditions for all the life within.

It safely and gradually adjusts the water chemistry of your pond, achieving a balance which effectively clears blanketweed whilst promoting healthy plant growth. The lack of toxic chemicals makes this one of the safest treatments and as the weed is broken down easily, the need for manual removal is reduced.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for use in all ponds (planted / wildlife / koi).
  • Clears blanketweed.
  • Safe for use with all species of pond fish.
  • Harmless to filters and plants.
  • Harmless to newts, frogs, toads and other pond wildlife.

Treatments should be repeated once every 10 days for the first month and once per month thereafter.

Product Box size Treats Dosage
Pond Balance Small 205g 2,273 l  3 dose course for 500 gallon Pond 
Pond Balance Value 410g 4,546 l 3 dose course for 1,000 gallon pond 
Pond Balance Medium 1.2kg 13,638 l 3 dose course for 3,000 gallon pond 
Pond Balance Large 9.34kg 254,000 l 3 dose course for 18,600 gallon pond 
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