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Dr Tim's Re-Fresh Freshwater

Give your marine tank a complete refresh

At a glance...
  • A natural mixture of bacteria for freshwater tank cleaning
  • Revitalises and enriches old water
  • A range of sizes to stock up on
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No one wants an aquarium covered in green or brown grunge that smells, but many people do not want to add toxic chemicals to their aquarium either.

The answer is Dr Tim's Re-Fresh. This 100% natural product is a potent mixture of beneficial bacteria that work to eliminate green and brown grunge in your water and on surfaces in the aquarium.

120ml (4oz) treats 908ltrs (240gal).

240ml (8oz) treats 1,817ltrs (480gal).

Key Features:

  • Revitalises old, green/brown water.
  • Preserves clear water.
  • Keeps water odour free.
  • Reduces organics.
  • Use frequently to maintain sparkling water.
  • 100% Natural.

If you are looking to keep your marine tank clean, check out Dr Tim's Marine Re-Fresh treatment.

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