Fluval Bio Stratum

A bioactive substrate designed to promote plant growth

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  • Plant substrate infused with dormant beneficial bacteria
  • Helps kickstart nitrogen cycle in brand-new aquariums
  • 1-3 mm Ø powder, ideal for fine and delicate root systems
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What is this Bio Stratum from Fluval?

This Fluval Bio Stratum is a bioactive planted aquarium substrate that includes a powerful mix of nutrients and minerals to nurture healthy plant growth and optimum water conditions. It's made of natural volcanic soil that has been collected from the foothills of Mount Aso, the largest volcano in Japan.

Key Features:

  • Supports neutral to slightly acidic pH favoured by plants, tropical fish, and shrimp.
  • Lightweight, non-compacting powder facilitates strong root development.
  • 1-3 mm Ø powder makes substate ideal for fine and delicate root systems.
  • Packed with powerful mix of nutrients and minerals that promote luscious plant growth.
  • Infused with dormant bioactive beneficial bacteria that help kickstart nitrogen cycle and stabilise water conditions in new aquariums.
  • Unique curing and heat treatment process helps extend soil life and ensures no parasites are present.

How is Bio Stratum different to Fluval's standard Stratum?

This Bio Stratum is part of a range of planted aquarium substrates from Fluval. The other substrate in this range is known as Stratum and, like Bio Stratum, it's packed with nutrients and minerals that help promote plant growth.

Where Bio Stratum differs is in its grain size, 1-3 mm Ø powder compared to 3-5 mm Ø granules. This makes it a more suitable substrate for plants with fine and delicate root systems that struggle to penetrate a larger-grained substrate.

Bio Stratum is also infused with dormant bioactive beneficial bacteria that, once in contact with water, wake up and start breaking down waste in your aquarium. This kickstarts the nitrogen cycle and rapidly reduces ammonia, helping to stabilise water conditions in brand-new aquariums.

How do I use this Fluval Bio Stratum?

This Fluval Bio Stratum is a great choice of substrate for new planted aquariums. In small aquariums it can be used as a main substrate, but in medium and large-sized aquariums it's recommended that you use it as a nutritious top layer and bulk out the bottom layer with Fluval Stratum and/or gravel.

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