JBL TestLab

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This JBL TestLab features test kits for the most important chemical factors in your aquarium, with accurate results so you know what needs to be done if your water chemistry falls out of parameters.


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Product Information

The ultimate test kit, the Test Lab from JBL contains 10 superb test kits that will safely and quickly test for all of the following parameters:

This kit will mean you are prepared for almost every possible problem in your aquarium, many are available to buy separately, just click on the individual test for more informations.

Please observe the valid safety and caution notices on the packing and/or the enclosed instructions or reagent labels.

What's in the box?

  • 11 tests as listed above
  • Waterproof plastic case
  • 6 glass cuvettes.
  • Contains tables for recording results.
  • Syringe to measure amount of water.
  • Dosage spoons
  • Thermometer
  • Ball point pen

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