Marina Aeration Kits

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Adding extra aeration into your aquarium can be essential, giving more oxygen and helping the water move around freely. It can be daunting to know what equipment is required to do this though, so these kits from Marina ensure you have all the right equipment.


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Product Information

The Marina Mini Aeration Kit allows you to ensure you have fresh oxygen in even the smallest tanks. It includes a small Marina air pump, a 6.5cm air stone, and also 1m of airline tubing. These simply slot together, place the air stone in the tank, and allow a beautiful flow of bubbles to sooth you, and your fish.

For larger tanks, there is the Marina 200 Aeration Kit, which is designed for tanks up to 225l. This inclues a Marina 200 Air pump, a 6" Air Stone, a 3" circular bubble disk, and also 6m of tubing, and 2 check valves, which mean the air cannot travel the wrong direct, adding a safety feature to the equipment.

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