Blanket Weed Control

Blanket weed control help and advice

Free your pond from blanket weed

Algae can be a huge problem in any pond, and stubborn blanket weed can be a real issue. It creates a thick barrier across the surface of the pond, which blocks light and oxygen from the water. We stock top blanket weed control brands including Velda, Cloverleaf and even our own range of products.

What is blanket weed control?

Blanket weed control covers a variety of products that are all designed to control and ultimately stop an infestation of blanket weed in your pond. The majority either cause the weed to clump together and fall beneath the water's surface or just die out, most are fish-friendly and can be used while the pond is inhabited.

Why should I buy blanket weed control?

Blanket weed deprives fish of light and oxygen, making the conditions of the pond very hostile and possibly dangerous. The murky look of blanket weed is unattractive as well and will prevent you and your guests from fully enjoying your pond.

What are the main types of blanket weed control?

The main types of blanket weed control are barley straws, blanket weed control solutions, tablets and electronic devices. Barley straws will naturally break up blanket weed and create holes in the skin it creates across the surface of your pond. The blanket weed control solutions and tablets use different chemical formulas to treat the invasive weed, while the electronic devices in our range use a small electric pulse to kill the weed in the water.

What features should you look out for when buying blanket weed control?

Look at the amount of blanket weed control you're purchasing and ensure that it is the right size for your pond, we sell a variety of blanket weed control kits and each is designed for a specific size of pond. If you own a particularly large pond you may need to buy multiples of the same kit to tackle your blanket weed infestation.