Pressurised Pond Filters

Pressurised Pond Filters Help and Advice

Guaranteed clean pond water through a combination of filter pump and UV technology

Compact and discreet, these pond filters can be positioned in various places in the garden, above or below ground. Here at Swell UK we carry a large, varied range of pressurised filters from well-known and reliable manufacturers such as Oase, Fishmate and our own brand filters.

What is a pressurised pond filter?

Designed to maintain a constant pressurised water flow, our range of pressurised pond filters are excellent for ensuring optimum water quality for healthy fishkeeping. Being pressurised, these units are sealed meaning the water is still under pressure when leaving the filter. They maintain a constant flow while pumping water to a height, making them excellent to use with features such as waterfalls.

Why might I buy a pressurised pond filter?

Pressurised filters offer more versatility than other filters as they can be placed above or below the ground - making them ideal for any type of garden design. Your pond pump will deliver water to the pressure filter, where it is then passed through the filter media and UVC. Pressurised pond filters contain biological and mechanical filter media and the majority of models feature built-in UV to prevent green pond water. Suitable for ponds with streams, fountains or waterfalls, these are also ideal for goldfish or koi ponds.

What are the main types of pressurised pond filters?

Here at Swell UK, the Fishmate range of pressurised filters are popular with experienced pond keepers and novices alike. The affordable and efficient collection can be used with a range of ponds from 1250 litres (without fish) to 45,000 litres (without fish). Some include UV lighting to treat algae cells too, so whichever you choose you can be confident of a beautifully clean pond. The multi-function Velda Clean Control 75 with UVC is a powerful filter that strains the water of all grime and debris. Using a 36W UV light the water is treated with light too, so every drop is clean and pure as it returns to the pond.

What features should I look out for?

Many pressurised units are fitted with a powerful UV bulb, which helps eliminate harmful microorganisms and protects livestock from parasites. When combined with a suitable pond pump, our range of pressurised filters provide a powerful and effective method of pressurised water flow filtration. At Swell UK, some models of pressurised filters feature a cleaning handle. Turning or pumping the handle causes the sponges to rotate, effectively rinsing each foam and removing dirt particles from your pond water. Any waste can then be drained away through a separate waste outlet. Top tip: This water can be used to water the plants in your garden.