Pressurised Pond Filters

A pressurised filter offers more versatility as they are compact, discreet and can be positioned in various places.

Here at Swell UK, the Fishmate range of Pressurised Filters is popular with experienced pond keepers and novices alike. The affordable and efficient collection can be used with a range of ponds from 1250 litres (without fish) to 45,000 litres (without fish). Some include UV lighting to treat algae cells too, so whichever you choose you can be confident of a beautifully clean pond.

The multi function Velda Clean Control 75 with UVC is a powerful filter which strains the water of all grime and debris. Using a 36 watt Ultra Violet light the water is treated with light too, so every drop is clean and pure as it returns to the pond. This unit also has a 6 way multi function valve which offers more versatility and