Swell Vegetarian Bundle

Collection of food designed for you herbivorous fish

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  • Designed for herbivorous species of fish
  • Helps prevent against bacterial and parasitic diseases
  • Contains food designed for your bottom feeding fish
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What is the Swell Vegetarian Bundle?

The Swell Vegetarian is a set of complete foods designed for your herbivorous fish. It contains spirulina flakes which will boost the natural colouration of your fish and also contains sinking tablets for your pleco which is ideal for your bottom-feeding fish such as Plecostomus and other species of catfish, they are also perfect for other aquarium bottom dwellers such as your crabs and shrimp

What is included in the bundle?

How will these benefit your fish?

These foods are perfect for your herbivorous fish as they will help boost the immune systems of your fish which would lead to them being able to fight off diseases and parasites more easily. They are designed for all of your vegetarian fish by including the flakes for your fish such as Mollies and also includes sinking tablets and pleco tablets for your bottom dwelling fish

How much should you feed your fish?

Feed an amount that can be consumed within a few minutes, and feed around 2-3 daily. Take care when feeding to ensure that overfeeding does not occur

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