Oase Biotec 30 Pond Filter

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The Oase Biotec 30 Pond Filter is known for outstanding filtration performance and is used all over Europe and the globe, using a mixture of mechanical and biological filtration to achieve crystal clear results in your pond.


  • Biotec 30
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Product Information

The Oase Biotec 30 is guaranteed to give your pond the best chance at achieving perfect water quality, and although Swell UK like to keep their prices low, but when it comes to perfect pond filtration, sometimes you get what you pay for, and the Biotec 30 is more than probably the best in its' class.

At the top of the Biotec filter range and an important component in the Biosys system, the Biotec 30 includes flow-through and multiple chambers featuring varied media types that remove pollutants out of the pond water not just mechanically but also through biological processes. Media is included to ensure that all types of dirt and debris is eradicated.

The colonisation of your filter media with special micro-organisms is a proven method for breaking down harmful substances in your pond water, such as ammonia and nitrites. The Biotec 30 has been scientifically developed to aid this process and ensures crystal clear water and optimum biological relationships.

The Biotec 30 has been designed to provide larger ponds with superb filtration, and particularly for ponds with koi stock as such ponds require higher levels of filtration to deal with the increased fish waste generated by Koi. The Biotec 30 features a sludge drain for the removal of solid debris, keeping your pond and filter materials cleaner, too.

The Biotec 30 multi-zone filter also contains a new type of filter mat with varying thicknesses, in addition to the brush chamber, increasing its' efficiency in comparison to less sophisticated models. This accelerates filtration of the coarse pollutant particles and helps the microorganisms in the rear part of the filter to work better.

Biotec 30 has been tested for ponds up to 120,000 litres. Connection with the Bitron UV clarifiers and the Aquamax pump range needs no additional parts.

Key Features:

  • Four levels distinct filter media
  • Includes filter foams
  • Maximum flow rate: 27,000 l/hr
  • Inlet pipe size: 25mm
  • Pollutant discharge pipe: 70mm
  • Three year guarantee

Maximum capabilities:

  • No fish: 120,000L
  • With fish: 60,000L
  • With koi: 30,000L

Order one from Swell UK to get the best price in the whole UK, and we promise to get your Biotec 30 delivered in around 7 working days or less!

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Operating Instructions

Product Specification

Product Size Inlet Pipe Size Max Pond Size Guarantee Outlet Pipe Size
Oase Biotec 30 1200x800x730mm 1in-2in 130000ltr 3 years 110mm

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