Aqua One Maxi Internal Filter

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The AquaOne Maxi Internal Filter are ideal for smaller tanks, and suitable all the way up to around 180l, giving you a great compact all round filter for your system.


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Product Information

The Maxi Filter comes in a choice of 4 sizes to suit your aquarium, and is suitable for small compact tanks of around 30l all the way to up 180l, giving you the perfect filter for the job. This includes easily installation suction cups, keeping the filter secure within your aquarium.

The Maxi Internal Filter includes mechanical and biological filtration, with the high quality sponge filter foam trapping debris and dirt efficiently, and allowing good bacteria to harbour within the structure, giving you a host of beneficial bacteria to break down your fish waste and keep you tank in the very best condition.

With proven reliability, the Maxi Filter comes with a venturi aeration nozzle, meaning you can easily adjust the aeration levels within the tank, and quickly add more if required, or reduce to control the flow a little if required.

ProductAquarium SizeWattageCable LengthMax. Flow RateHeight
Maxi 101Fup to 55l4.2w1.8m300lph16cm
Maxi 102Fup to 75l6.5w1.8m450lph23cm
Maxi 103Fup to 100l13.2w1.8m960lph28.50cm
Maxi 104Fup to 180l25.2w1.8m1480lph33.5cm

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