Reef Construction

Reef construction help and advice

Reef repair and adhesive

Sometimes when putting together your own coral reef, problems can occur and you find yourself looking for ways to secure your corals. We have a range of products, from leading brands like D&D and PolypLab, designed to solve many of the problems encountered during the installation of aquarium reefs.

What is reef construction?

Our reef construction range is made up of various adhesives used to secure corals and other invertebrates within your aquarium. Some of our reef construction range can also be used to join pieces of live rock together or reattach elements of your reef that have fallen off due to damage.

Why should I buy reef construction?

If you're running a marine tank with multiple pieces of live rock and coral you're probably going to need some reef construction adhesive at some point. All reef construction products are non-toxic and safe to use in your live aquarium, making them ideal for on-the-fly repairs.

What are the main types of reef construction?

Most of the products in our reef construction range do the same job but each is made up with a subtly different formula designed by the manufacturer. We recommend trialling each reef construction formula to find the one that works best for your tank.

What should I look for?

There's not much else to think about when it comes to reef construction, however, it might be worth considering picking up some other aquarium accessories while you're shopping like accessory packs, adhesives and fish nets.