Aquarium Filter Foam

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Aquarium filter foam help and advice

All-purpose filter media

Aquarium filter foam is both a mechanical filter and capable of supporting the bacteria necessary for biological filtration. It's a great all-around filter media and perfect for any fish tank. Our range of superb aquarium filter foams includes some of the best aquarium brands like Eheim, Fluval and Oase.

What is aquarium filter foam?

Aquarium filter foam is porous media, similar to a sponge, designed to let water pass through it while mechanically extracting any particles of debris and waste from it. Different densities of foam will filter larger or smaller pieces of waste from the water. As an added benefit, the media can also support helpful bacterial colonies which will take harmful chemicals out of the water and often produce beneficial ones.

Why should I buy aquarium filter foam?

Aquarium filter foam is fairly cheap and will do the job of almost any type of filter media. We sell filter foam in a wide range of densities and designs so you should be able to find a compatible filter foam for your filtration system at Swell.

What are the main types of aquarium filter foam?

The big division in the filter foam range is density, every filter foam has a different density and different densities are useful for different jobs. Low-density foam will allow small particles through but sift out large ones, meaning that it tends to last longer as it puts up less resistance. High-density foam stops both small and large particles, meaning it will degrade over time as more stuff hits it. The best filtration systems have a piece of low-density foam in front of a piece of high-density so that the high-density foam is dealing with less grime and lasts longer.

What should I look for?

You must ensure that your filter foam is right for your tank and filtration system. Most filters have some specifications for the type and size of filter media required for filtration, ensure the media you're buying meets these requirements and you should be all set.