Freeze Dried Foods

Freeze Dried Fish Foods Help and Advice

Deliver your fish the freshest food

A favourite of most aquarium fish, whether saltwater or fresh, freeze dried fish foods give your fish a healthy treat they will enjoy on top of a good, balanced diet. Our range of freeze dried fish food pumps features nutrients-bosting brands including Interpet, King British and JBL.

What is freeze dried fish foods?

Freeze-dried foods are a convenient fish food that maintains a longer shelf life than fresh food. Freeze-drying fish food can also help to conserve more vitamins. The texture means it can be crumbled or broken up into smaller pieces, depending on the fish, making it a cost-effective and low waste option.

Why might I buy freeze dried fish foods?

Adding a diet of freeze dried fish food will make positive internal and external changes to your aquarium fish. The natural vitamins and proteins found in freeze dried foods improve fish's immune system and can lead to fewer digestion issues. In turn, you may notice that your fish have more energy and that their scales become more vibrant.

What are the main types of freeze dried fish foods?

Choosing a high-quality fish food flake or pellet is a great place to start, but you should also supplement your fish's diets with more nutritious options. Freeze-dried fish food is the perfect supplement to any balanced diet for aquarium fish and there are plenty of different options to choose from. Freeze-dried food such as Daphnia, Bloodworm and Tubifex can make great additions to your fish's diet. They're also very versatile, Tubifex for example is suitable for cold water, tropical and marine fish - as well as turtles and terrapins. Sometimes called Sludge worms, Tubifex worms are freeze-dried into cube form for both pond and aquarium feeding.

What features should I look out for?

Freeze-dried fish food is packed with nutrition and because it has had the moisture removed, it's shelf-stable. We recommend stocking up on a few different kinds so your fish can enjoy a varied diet that provides plenty of nutrition. By switching up the type of freeze-dried food you offer your fish throughout the week, they will get a wide variety of healthy nutrients to support their total health and wellness.