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Aquarium T5 Tubes

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Help and advice on shopping for: Aquarium T5 Tubes

Slim and efficient fluorescent bulbs

T5 lights are fluorescent, and occasionally LED, tubes that are slimmer and more efficient than the older T8 tubes. Whether you're replacing an old T5 or making the switch from a T8 to a T5 we have plenty of options to ensure that you can find exactly what you need. Our range features top brands like AquaEL, Aquarium Systems and Juwel.

What are aquarium T5 tubes?

T5 fluorescent light bulbs are improved versions of T8 tubes designed to be more compact and energy-efficient. T5 tubes offer all the same benefits as a T8 tube, such as adding light to your aquarium and promoting plant growth, making them the natural choice for aquarium owners. While not quite as efficient as LED lights, fluorescent T5 tubes are also slightly cheaper and so might be a better choice depending on your buying priorities.

Why should I buy aquarium T5 tubes?

Compared to the fluorescent T8 tubes, the fluorescent T5 tubes are 40% smaller in size, so you can physically fit more in the same space. They have a better light spectrum, greater brightness and reduced power consumption too. They can even save around 30% energy compared to the T8 tubes and can last up to 25% longer. There are also reduced mercury levels in the lamps so they are safer for use in your home.

What are the main types of aquarium T5 tubes?

We sell a few different types of T5 tubes but the most popular types are LED, marine, tropical and daylight. LED tubes are designed to fit into a standard T5 tube fitting but are actually filled with LEDs instead of fluorescent light, allowing you to benefit from the cost-saving efficiency of LED lighting even if you only have a T5 fitting. Marine and tropical lights are designed to offer light similar to the environment your fish will be most comfortable in while catching their colours well. Daylight is the best choice for aquatic plants as it provides them with the most of the energy they need to grow.

What should I look for?

Check your light fitting and take note of both the size and the Wattage of the bulb required. We have a wide range of T5 bulbs so you will need to sort through them to find the one that is right for your tank. It is also vital you ensure that you are buying the right type of bulb, for example, if your goal is to grow your plants better you shouldn't be buying a marine bulb but instead a daylight bulb which will be far more beneficial.