Wavemakers help and advice

Recreate ocean currents

Not only do wavemakers improve the look of your tank by simulating the natural rhythm of the ocean, but they also stimulate the surface of the water, freeing up oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide, and facilitate biological filtration. Our range of wavemakers includes industry leaders like Aquarium Systems, Fluval and Oase.

What are wavemakers?

Wavemakers are powerful submersible water pumps that simulate oceanic waves within your fish tank. They work in a similar way to regular water pumps, however, as they create powerful currents they tend to be able to fix to the floor or wall of your tank to avoid moving around and causing damage.

Why should I buy wavemakers?

Wavemakers are a great addition to any marine tank, they help aerate the water, create a realistic ocean current and enable biological filtration. While they are quite pricey, they prevent the build-up of algae and create a habitat that's generally much healthier for marine fish.

What are the main types of wavemakers?

All wavemakers work on the same principle but there are a few differences in the range. We currently stock wavemakers capable of producing constant, pulse and random waves. Constant waves create circulation throughout your tank, ensuring that the temperature and chemistry of your water is consistent throughout. Pulse waves create high and low flows, emulating the conditions found in the shallow parts of the ocean. Random waves simulate a high energy reef environment, similar to deeper marine habitats.

What should I look for?

Once you have decided on the type of wavemaker you'll need, it's really a case of looking at the other features each offer. Some of our wavemaker products can be controlled remotely, via either a controller or your phone, or make use of magnetic mounting that's particularly effective and lets you move the pump from the outside of the tank if necessary.