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Get up yo £16 EXTRA OFF - SEE CODES >

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  • A complete pond plant pack
  • Featuring Lilies, Iris, Acorus and Butomus
  • Includes baskets, compost and gravel
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This kit was perfect for nan, she spends day after day in her garden and loves the beautiful flowers. Delivery came really quick too.

What is the Moerings Pond Plant Pack?

This Moerings Pond Plant Pack combines four of the most popular Moerings Pond Plant kits into one fantastic pack at a discounted price. The pack is designed to give you everything you need to create four floating baskets of bright and vibrant plants. In each kit, you will receive the flowers themselves, often as bulbs or seeds, compost, gravel and floating baskets. You can mix and match each kit to create a unique mix or keep them separate to have four distinct baskets. We recommend placing 1-2" of the basket in shallow water allowing the plants to establish themselves. As the shoots start to grow they can then be submerged.

What is included in the Moerings Pond Plant Pack?

This Moerings Pond Plant Pack includes the following products:

Moerings Complete Kit for Lilies A pond plant staple, Lilies are beautiful centrepieces that instantly amaze and delight.
Moerings Complete Kit for Iris Understated, delicate and pastel, Iris are a favourite of many pond keepers and the pride of some water gardens.
Moerings Complete Kit for Acorus A pond icon, many pond keepers will tell you that now pond is complete without the tube-like flowers of an Acorus.
Moerings Complete Kit for Butomus Like small, bright fireworks, Butomomus will fill your pond with colour and natural beauty.

Why should I buy the Moerings Pond Plant Pack?

Starting a water garden is as fun as it is rewarding, it not only looks spectacular but also helps local wildlife develop and survive. Kickstart your pond garden with this incredible pack and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ll have everything you need to hand. With this kit, you are free to embrace your creativity and create a garden truly special and unique.

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Lilies Red Lily - Nymphaea Attraction Pink Lily - Nymphaea Carnea Yellow Lily - Nymphaea Chromatella White Lily - Nymphaea Albida
Iris Blue Iris - Kaempferi Yellow Iris - Pseudacorus White Iris - Laevigata Snowdrift
Acorus Acorus Calamus (Sweet Flag)
Butomus Butomus Umbellatus (Flowering Rush)
Number of planting baskets 4
Planting basket size (19 x 19 x 10cm)
Number of bags of aquatic compost 4
Number of bags of aquatic gravel 4
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