Pond Pumps

Our range includes filter, feature, fountain and solar pumps as well as popular pump and filter combinations. Your choice of which, will depend on what you looking to achieve. For example, filter pumps are designed to pump water through your filter, so the undesirable particles are removed leaving you with clean pond water. It is their job to pump water both in and outside of the pond, for instance to filters and watercourses. Fountain pumps provide water to help create beautiful fountain features in your pond while feature pumps are designed specifically to deliver the required water flow to your water features and come in various sizes from the smallest spouting frog to the largest obelisk display!

Whether you are a veteran of pond care or a total newbie, it is always a good time to restock and check your equipment is in tip top condition. We recommend that you buy the best quality pond pump that you can afford to ensure that your pond is protected by an excellent piece of kit.

We have a great selection of pumps in stock to suit all pond sizes from large to small with up to 65% OFF the RRP, including Swell UK's own brand of filter pumps that offer premium quality at a budget price!