Pond Pumps

Pond pumps help and advice

The heart of your pond

Whether you want to aerate your water, filter it or create an incredible fountain, our range of top-quality pond pumps can help. Our range features pumps from many leading brands, including Oase, Hozelock and Blagdon, as well as our own range of high-quality hardware.

What are pond pumps?

Generally speaking, a pond pump is a pump that moves water within a pond. The water can be moved just around the pond, to circulate it, or it can be pulled out of the pond through a filter and even shot into the air as a fountain. Pumps can even be used to 'push' water vertically for waterfalls and other water courses.

Why should I buy pond pumps?

There are a lot of benefits to pond pumps. Depending on the type of pump you buy, they can clear your water, prevent disease in your pond, aerate your water and offer a fantastic decorative feature. In general, they prevent stagnation degradation in your pond while making it a better habitat for pondlife.

What are the main types of pond pumps and electricals?

Swell UK stocks a wide range of pond pumps and electricals including; filter pumps, feature pumps, fountain pumps, all-in-one pumps, external pumps, floating fountain pumps, solar-powered pumps, sump pumps, fountain jet attachments and pond pump accessories. Filter pumps are used to remove waste solids from the water. Feature pumps power waterfalls and fountains while fountain pumps are self-contained fountain units. All-in-one pumps can both filter and are used for powering water features. External pumps are pumps that are designed to sit outside of the pond instead of being submerged within it. Floating fountain pumps sit on the surface of the water and project a fountain. Solar-powered pumps can fall into any of the other categories but are powered by the sun. Sump pumps are submersible and often used for draining ponds. Finally, fountain jet attachments are placed on the top of your fountain to create different water patterns and pond pump accessories feature a range of miscellaneous products including replacement parts and maintenance kits.

What should I look for?

It's important to consider the maximum flow rate of your pump as this will be the amount of water it can move at any time. The flow rate of most pumps can be found in the specifications of each model along with other helpful specifications like efficiency rating, maximum head height and even country of origin.