Red Sea MAX Nano Cube G2

A compact all-in-one reef tank that can fit almost anywhere

At a glance...
  • Plug-and-play reef tank designed for small spaces
  • Comes with built-in rear sump, ReefLED, and more
  • ReefATO+ and NanoMat-ready rear sump
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What is this MAX Nano Cube G2 from Red Sea?

This MAX Nano Cube G2 is a plug-and-play reef tank designed by marine specialists Red Sea. It has been built with both first-timers and advanced reefers in mind, combining easy-to-use REEF-SPEC equipment with high-quality, premium features.

There's no need to worry about buying any extra equipment, or issues surrounding component compatibility, with this MAX Nano Cube G2 - everything you'll need to sustain your little slice of nature comes included, from a fully equipped, built-in rear sump to a powerful, ReefLED 50.

This MAX Nano Cube G2 is available as a standalone aquarium (with all the additional REEF-SPEC equipment included), or with a specially designed, marine-spec cabinet (also with all the additional REEF-SPEC equipment included). These cabinets have weatherproof epoxy painted doors, convenient push openers and soft close stainless-steel hinges. They're available in a black or white laminate finishes.

What's included with this MAX Nano Cube G2?

This is a compact, all-in-one reef tank kit that comes with everything you need to sustain a mini reef, plus a wealth of amazing built-in features. Here's a quick rundown:

    • 62 ltr rimless display tank - made of ultra-clear, 8mm-thick glass.
    • ReefLED 50 - a rotatable, high intensity light that's designed for ensuring optimal coral growth and colouration.
    • Surface skimmer - enables highly effective filtration and is easily removed for periodic cleaning.
    • Protein skimmer - efficiently removes organic waste from your water column.
    • Micron filter bag - removes large waste particles from your water column.
    • Dedicated media chamber - space for additional chemical filtration, such as the REEF-SPEC carbon also provided with this kit.
    • Bubble trap sponge - sits in rear sump and prevents air bubbles from returning to your aquarium.
    • Circulation pump - 950 lph Sicce return pump turns over this system's entire water volume ~10 times an hour.
    • Pump power centre - built-in switch box allows you to quickly turn off protein skimmer and circulation pump.
    • Automatic top-off unit - holds 1.5L and maintains a constant water level in your aquarium.
    • Multidirectional eyeball nozzle - this return outlet ensures no stagnant spots build up inside your aquarium.
    • Rotatable rear sump screen - allows easy access to your built-in rear sump while maintaining the aquarium's sleek aesthetic.

Is this MAX Nano Cube G2 compatible with the ReefBeat app?

Yes, the ReefLED 50 supplied with this MAX Nano Cube G2 is compatible with Red Seas free-to-download and easy-to-use ReefBeat app.

This high intensity LED light actually works best when paired with this app. Not only does it let you adjust your lighting levels on the go, it also lets you select from a range of tailored lighting functions such as random clouds, acclimation for new installations, and a lunar cycle for natural nighttime conditions.

What else do I need to buy with this aquarium?

This MAX Nano Cube G2 from Red Sea is fantastic as it comes with all the equipment you'll need to sustain a thriving reef. That said, if you're new to the reefkeeping hobby and don't have any marine salt lying around, you will need to get your hands on some to initially set up this aquarium - check out our range here.

This MAX Nano Cube G2 has also been designed with some optional add-ons in mind - Red Sea's NanoMat and ReefATO+. The NanoMat slots seamlessly into the built-in rear sump and enhances your system's mechanical filtration capacity, while the ReefATO+ provides you with a reliable auto top-off system and a highly accurate temperature monitor and leak detector. These optional add-ons are sold separately.

And if you're keen to create a realistic-looking reefscape inside your MAX Nano Cube G2, then you'll definitely want to pick up some marine substrate and marine rock. It's also worth stocking up on some nutritious food so you're ready for that all-important day when you add your fish and other critters to this MAX Nano Cube G2.


Product Specifications

Variant Aquarium Dimensions Aquarium Volume Glass Thickness Total System Height Total System Volume
Red Sea MAX Nano Cube G2 - excl. cabinet 45 x 45 x 45cm 62L 8mm 45cm 75L
Red Sea MAX Nano Cube G2 - Inc Black cabinet 45 x 45 x 45cm 62L 8mm 132cm 75L
Red Sea MAX Nano Cube G2 - Inc White cabinet 45 x 45 x 45cm 62L 8mm 132cm 75L
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