Swell Amazon 80cm Aquarium 168 ltrs

A complete 168-litre aquarium kit with contemporary cabinet

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  • Modern 168l aquarium with dedicated cabinet
  • Complete kit comes with filter, heater, LED light and more
  • Aquarium dimensions: 80 x 42 x 50cm
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What is this Swell Amazon 80cm Aquarium?

The Swell Amazon 80cm Aquarium is a freshwater fish tank designed for both beginner aquarists and experienced hobbyists. Its sleek and stylish design gives it a modern look that'll complement any living space, and it comes with all the equipment you'll need to get started, including a built-in, multi-layered filtration system, an energy-efficient LED light, a heater, and more.

This complete fish tank kit also comes with a dedicated cabinet that offers both strong and stable support and a large amount of storage space for additional external filters, aquarium cleaning kits, fish food, and other fishkeeping essentials. The cabinet's design is also in keeping with the rest of the aquarium, making for a beautiful showpiece that you can show off to your family and friends.

What's included in this aquarium kit?

The Swell Amazon 80cm Aquarium is packed with equipment to get you started on your fishkeeping journey. Included in this kit are the following items:

  • An 8mm-thick glass fish tank with bracing for added stability and support.
  • A sturdy cabinet with ergonomic door handles and a huge amount of storage space.
  • A built-in, high-volume filtration system packed with several layers of mechanical and biological media.
  • A 1000lph pump that powers your filtration system and keeps your water clear.
  • A 200w Aqua One heater, capable of maintaining tropical temperatures in aquariums of this size.
  • An energy-efficient, 44w LED strip light that slots into the lid and provides your fish tank with even light coverage.
  • A stick-on thermometer to help you keep a close eye on temperatures inside your aquarium.
  • A 15cm fish net for adding fish to your fish tank and performing all manner of maintenance tasks.
  • A 250ml bottle of dechlorinator and a 38g tub of fish flakes to get you started on your fishkeeping journey.

This Swell Amazon 80cm Aquarium and dedicated cabinet is available in two colours: black and white. These black and white finishes are single-tone matte finishes that add a real contemporary feel to the aquarium.

Is this aquarium easy to set up and maintain?

Yes, this Swell Amazon 80cm Aquarium is very easy to set up and maintain. Before you begin assembly, make sure that you've picked a flat and level area to place your aquarium - once you've added water its going to get very heavy and nigh on impossible to move!

After you've found a suitable spot, build your cabinet using the instructions provided and place your aquarium on top of it.

That done, you can then place your LED light into the hood and the heater into the built-in filter compartment in the back corner of your aquarium. Do not turn your filter and heater on until you have filled the aquarium with water, both pieces of equipment require a tank full of water to function properly. If you're planning to add sand, gravel, decorations and/or plants, it's best to do this prior to adding water.

Once your aquarium is up and running, it's time to let it cycle - be sure to check out our aquarium set-up help guide to learn more about this essential process. After that, it's all about staying on top of maintenance. This is made easy thanks to the aquarium's removable lid that gives you quick and easy access to its interior for all kinds of tasks, from water changes to algae scraping.

What kind of fish can I keep in this aquarium?

This Swell Amazon 80cm Aquarium is a large fish tank, so you have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing what kind of fish you'd like to keep. Many species of community fish, like Tetras, Guppies, Platies, Mollies, Rams, Danios and Gouramis, would really thrive in a fish tank of this size and shape.

This aquarium is named after the Amazon River, the largest river in the world by volume. This 6,400km-long river flows through many countries in South America and is home to more than 5,600 species of fish! Many of these species are popular in the aquarium trade, like Corydoras, Tetras, Angelfish and Rams.

If you're looking for some inspiration, why not build an aquarium with these fish that simulates their natural habitat? The Amazon is a largely sand-bottomed river that contains lots of wood, tall plants and leaf litter. You can find all these natural products right here on our site!

What else should I buy with this aquarium?

This Swell Amazon 80cm Aquarium is great as it comes with everything you'll need to get started. That said, if you want to make your underwater world look as beautiful as possible, then you'll want to pick up some substrate, hardscape, plants, and aquarium decor. You may also want to stock up on some extra fish food, dechlorinator and filter media for that time when your supplies from this complete aquarium kit eventually run out.

If this isn't quite the right fish tank for you, then be sure to check out our range of other similarly sized fish tanks!


Product Specifications

Brand Swell
Aquarium Dimensions 80 x 42 x 50cm
Aquarium Volume 168 ltrs
Tropical? Yes
Coldwater? Yes
Marine? No
Guarantee 1 Year
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