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SUMMER MEGA SALE prices slashed by up to 70% - SHOP NOW. >

Aquarium Systems L'Aquarium 250

A fabulous aquarium ideal for reef and marine aquascapes

At a glance...
  • Small aquarium for reef and marine setups
  • Built-in black cabinet and fittings for heating, pumps and lighting
  • Designed specifically for use with Aquarium Systems hardware

Palletised delivery

Large sizes may be delivered on a pallet for protection in transit.

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Aquarium Systems L'Aquarium 2.0 series consists of high-end materials dedicated to the most demanding of aquarists.

The fish tank is made from Super Opti-White Glass, which not only gives it an elegant design but also gives your aquatic décor more natural and vivid colours. The cabinet, with its refined design, is water-resistant. Levelling feet ensure that the aquarium is as level as possible and the tank rests on a foam matt in order to protect the glass.

The Aquarium's XXL Filtration:

(Making up 30% of the total volume of the system) ensures excellent water quality and provides a number of modular options. First of all, the water passes through a comb system that prevents animals from going into the filter. It then passes through an anti-noise return system. The water level is adjusted using a control valve, which then discharges "dirty" water in the filter. The water is then mechanically filtered using filter socks.

Water then passes in two large compartments, where the aquarist's equipment is housed (skimmer, heaters, UV filter, reactor, etc.) its possible to accommodate a refugium here. The last compartment contains the return pump and the auto top up chamber which contains reverse osmosis water that's offsets the evaporation of the aquarium. Water returns to the aquarium through 2 rotating nozzles at the optimal flow rate.

*(Length x Width x Height) ** Height cabinet = 88.5cm + Height tank = 55cm

Main Characteristics:
  • Super Opti-White Glass
  • Cover for central lamp holder (Support not included).
  • Protective foam mat for 100% of the base of the sump. Protective foam bands for 2 sides of the sump (anti-slip and anti-vibration).
  • Protective foam mat for base of Aquarium (anti-slip and anti-vibration).
  • Overflow / Return pipe to sump.
  • Easy fit pipe work for secure fitting.
  • Easy access to pipes.
  • Rotating water outlet.
  • Unique weir comb.
  • Aluminium and glass.
  • Adjustable feet.

To optimise and guarantee the correct operation of your L'Aquarium system, Aquarium Systems recommend that you equip it with the following technical products:

Product Aquarium Systems L'Aquarium 250
Aquarium dimensions 60 x 52 x 143.5cm
Total water volume (aquarium and sump) 238l
Aquarium volume 162l
Sump volume 69l
Top up aquarium volume 7l
Size of top up aquarium 31 x 45 x 36cm
Palletised delivery Yes
Glass thickness 10mm
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