Cichlid Food

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Give your Cichlids a balanced diet

Cichlids have become one of the most popular types of fish amongst fishkeepers due to their stunning colouration and range of varieties available. Therefore choosing the right foods for your Cichlid can help it grow, pop with colour, and live a healthy, active life. At Swell UK, we stock Cichlids fish food to suit the dietary needs of any Jack Dempsey, Malawi, Angelfish, Discus and more.

What is cichlid food?

Cichlids require specific foods for them to thrive. If fed on the wrong diet they can lose their colour and vibrancy, an indicator of poor health. Our wide selection of pellets, grazers and frozen Cichlid fish food provides Cichlids with a complete balanced diet that will enhance colour vibrancy, growth, and overall health.

Why should I buy Cichlid food?

At Swell UK, we aim to provide your Cichlids with a balanced diet, which is why the fish food we stock has a range of ingredients that are packed full of nutrients. Hikari Cichlid Gold food are large pellets that have been designed to retain their shape in the water, and can easily be seen to monitor consumption. As the tablets do not disintegrate quickly, they produce little waste to avoid cloudy water.

What are the main types of Cichlid food?

Some Cichlid species are completely carnivorous and eat very little plant matter, while others are primarily herbivores and get their nutrition from plants and algae. We have a selection of pellets filled with calcium to encourage bone and scale development in small fish. We also supply a selection of foods designed to allow rapid digestion, making the absorption of valuable ingredients such as vitamin C, noticeably more effective.

What features should you look out for when buying cichlid food?

Depending on the type of Cichlid you own, the diet will vary. So the first step for finding the best food for your cichlid so it thrives is understanding its natural requirements. For herbivores, look for foods whose main ingredients are things like spirulina algae. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, this is easy to digest protein. It's especially good for Mbuna and Tropheus species who would normally graze all day on algae. Carnivore species naturally need a higher percentage of protein and fat. It's best to give them foods where fish meal or shrimp meal is the main ingredient. For omnivores, you want to see a balance of high-quality animal and plant food sources.