Pebbles and Cobbles

Aquarium pebbles and cobbles help and advice

Give your tank a touch of zen

A unique option for aquarium substrates, aquarium pebbles and cobbles have become more popular in recent years as they create a modern look inspired by Japanese zen gardens. We stock BiOrb pebbles and cobbles which come in a variety of colours and are guaranteed to be clean and suitable for use in any tank.

What are aquarium pebbles and cobbles?

Aquarium pebbles and cobbles are specially washed and treated pieces of stone that are designed to act as an aquarium substrate without affecting the pH of the water or the exact quantity of minerals.

Why should I buy aquarium pebbles and cobbles?

Aquarium pebbles and cobbles look fantastic in any tank, creating a unique aquascape that will frame plants, ornaments and fish. They are pre-washed and include no dyes, just pure stones. They won't even give off any powder so you don't have to worry about your water becoming dirty or cloudy.

What are the main types of aquarium pebbles and cobbles?

We sell a variety of aquarium pebbles and cobbles each in a different colour. All are treated the same way and made from the same high-quality marble but each has a different hue. Depending on the theming in your tank you may want to choose one set or mix multiple sets to create a more natural effect.

What should I look for?

We currently sell our aquarium pebbles and cobbles in packs of 0.9kg, that's plenty to cover a small tank's base but if you have a larger tank you may find you need to buy multiple packs to get the right coverage.