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Fish Mate Powerclenz Pressurised Pond Filters

Clever filter strains away dirt and debris from your pond water

At a glance...
  • Self-cleaning pressurised pond filter
  • Easy installation above or below ground level
  • Uses a mixture of biological and mechanical filtration
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The Fish Mate 15000 Powerclenz Bio Filter not only uses a mixture of biological and mechanical pond filters to ensure your water is as clean as it can be, but it has a handy trick up its sleeve when it comes to weekly maintenance: It can clean itself!


Using a combination of both mechanical and biological filter media, this clever filter strains away all of the dirt and debris from your pond water.

Foam filter pads remove particles of waste, retaining the dirt for removal. Supra+ biological media provides a large surface area for healthy bacterial colonies to grow and develop, they in turn consume nitrates and ammonia from the water, reducing the risk of water quality problems.


Simply operate the PowerClenz dial on the top of the pressurised filter, and the tremendous water pressure will clean out the sponges and other mediums within the filter, leaving you with a fresh filter ready to tackle your pond's organic detritus all over again. The waste products simply leave via the waste pipe - simple!

This filter can be placed either above or below ground making it ideal for any type of garden design.

Key Features:

  • Easy installation above or below ground level.
  • Designed and coloured green to blend with natural surroundings.
  • Includes Supra filter media.
  • No UV unit included.

Weekly Maintenance: The filter should be cleaned once a week (in cooler weather the filter will not need cleaning so often).

You can always go one better than this too! If you are looking for this kind of filter but with a combined UVC, try the Fish Mate Pressurised UVC Filter.

Product 15000 Powerclenz Bio Filter Pond Filter
Guarantee 3 years
Dimensions 390 x 280 x 430mm
Hose outlet size 20-32mm
Sludge outlet 25mm
Pond size Up to 15000 litres (3000 gallons max.)
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