Flexible Pipework & Misc Fittings

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Flexible pipework and fittings help and advice

Create watertight connections

The little things make a difference, especially when it comes to setting up your pond equipment. Choosing the right accessories is essential to ensure a watertight seal and efficient performance. Here at Swell UK, we carry a varied range of hose clips, tape, adapters, valves and more from top brands like Oase that will ensure the smooth running of your kit.

What is Flexible Pipework and Fittings?

Flexible pipework and fittings are hoses and the various parts that connect them to and from pumps, filters and more. Each part is designed to handle a certain amount of water passing through it at any one time with a certain amount of pressure.

Why should I buy Flexible Pipework and Fittings?

If you need to move water around your watercourse directly, such as between a pump and a filter or vertically up a waterfall, flexible pipework and fittings are a relatively cheap and easy way to do this. The flexibility of the piping allows you to snake it through various parts of the watercourse and even hide it from view completely.

What are the main types of Flexible Pipework and Fittings?

Flexible pipework and fittings break down neatly into the hoses themselves and the various valves and connectors that can attach the hoses to other parts of the watercourse. The hoses are pretty similar however each is designed for a different length, durability and water pressure. On the other hand, there are a lot of different types of fittings designed to create a wide range of pressure and outputs.

What features should you look out for when buying Flexible Pipework and Fittings?

It's key to look at the max flow rate each part of your watercourse can withstand and ensure that it's compatible with the flow you're intending to put through it to avoid damage. It's also important to ensure that everything will fit together - most of the pipework is compatible with BSP (British Standard Pipe) attachments.

What accessories should I buy with Flexible Pipework and Fittings?

Flexible pipework and fittings can be as complex as you want them to be as you incorporate valves, drains and various fittings or connectors. Plan your watercourse carefully and be sure to stock up on everything you need from Swell UK.