Ball/Slide Valves

Ball and slide valves help and advice

Take complete control of your watercourse

Ball and slide valves allow you to quickly shut off or open up sections of your watercourse for cleaning and maintenance. The valves are high-quality and form impenetrable seals within the watercourse, completely stopping the flow of water. We stock a wide range of ball and slide valves from top brands like Yamitsu.

What are ball and slide valves?

Ball valves are a length of pipe with a ball in the centre that has had a large hole drilled through it, the ball turns to either let water through or cut it off. Slide valves are a single 'gate' with a solid piece of material that can be raised or lowered to reduce or increase the flow of water.

Why should I buy ball and slide valves?

Ball and slide valves allow you to manipulate the amount of water reaching certain points of your watercourse. By using them you could control the flow of a waterfall or stop the water from moving to a filter while you empty it. Both types of valves are durable and will withstand high pressures of water while also allowing you to control the speed of the water coming through the valve.

What are the main types of ball and slide valves?

The two types of valves we stock are ball valves and slide valves. Generally speaking, ball valves are more durable and long-lasting while slide valves form a tighter seal so absolutely no water can escape. Both valves are compatible with most watercourses.

What features should I look out for?

The size of the valve and its compatibility with the rest of your watercourse is key, most ball and slide valves connect via a BSP (British Standard Pipe) fitting or adhesive. It's also important to ensure that the valve you are buying can cope with the amount and pressure of water you're intending to send through it.