Rubber Fittings

Rubber fittings help and advice

Durable and versatile fittings

Incredibly durable and robust, rubber fittings are the perfect choice for reinforcing particularly high-pressure sections of pipework. Our range of rubber fittings is all made by Swell UK and fitted with metal fastenings to attach to PVC piping.

What are rubber fittings?

Rubber fittings are tough and slightly flexible components that can fit into any watercourse to create a strong connection between two points. Thick rubber is particularly good for handling high-pressure water flow and so we've created rubber versions of some of the most vulnerable sections of a watercourse like elbows, reducers and tees.

Why should I buy rubber fittings?

If there is a section of your watercourse under a lot of pressure it can cause a rupture or crack to form that can damage components throughout your watercourse. Rubber fittings are durable and are less likely to damage other components if they break, making them ideal for placing in high-pressure areas.

What are the main types of rubber fittings?

Swell UK stocks five types of rubber fittings, each with its own purpose. We have a blank end cap, to create a 'dead-end' on a pipe, an elbow, to form a bend, a reducer, which increases pressure, a straight connector and a tee, to create a split in the flow of water.

What features should I look out for?

Ensure that the rubber fittings are suitable for the rest of your watercourse. Make sure that the fittings are compatible with the size of the pipe you have used and that they won't create too much pressure at another part of the course that can't take it - this is particularly important when fitting the reducer.

What accessories should I buy with rubber fittings?

Rubber fittings can't do much on their own and must be part of a larger system with piping running between each component. Plan out your full watercourse and be sure to pick up everything you need from Swell UK.