Theiling Rollermat Compact 1

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Theiling Rollermat Compact 1, a fully automatic fleece filter, is a great compact way to keep your water fresh and clean constantly.


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Product Information

Measuring just 20 x 30cm, this compact unit allows water to flow into it directly, and filters it through fleece media, rolling through to ensure that the fleece is fresh and never blocked. Then simply replace the fleece roller as required.

Polluted water goes directly though the inlet, into the water compartment, where is passes through the fleece, removing all the dirt on the fine fleece floss. As the fleece becomes dirtier, and becomes blocked, the flow through the fleece will decrease, and water will start to fill in the dirty water compartment. Once this reaches a certain level, it triggers for the motor to start going around and replace with a section of fresh clean fleece, completely automatically.

Depending on the waste levels within the tank, a fleece roll should last around 3 - 6 months. The fleece used is very fine, meaning it will capture even the smallest particles, keeping your water in the best condition, whilst using the easiest and simplest system.

• Efficient mechanical filtration by fine filter fleece
• Automatic transport of the fleece
• Easy changing of the used fleece roll
• The roll is 10 cm wide, for flow rates up to 2000 l/h, depending on the water quality
• Minimum power uptake. Average below 0,1 W at 12 V DC
• ROLLERMAT COMPACT 1 can be placed into the sump or hanged on the glass edge of the sump.


  • 30 cm wide,
  • 52 cm high (with base),
  • depth 22 cm,
  • height without base: 46 cm
  • inlet connections: hose connection 25/32 / 40mm // 1½ " thread
  • emergency drain on the side: for pipe or hose nozzle 25 mm, or thread 1 inch
  • water drain in the bottom :Ø 25 mm
  1. For the installation you have to calculate 10 cm extra for the height to change the fleece roll easily.
  2. If the Rollermat is set up inside of a filter sump, the water level in the sump may not increase higher than 10 cm.

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