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A great in-sump protein skimmer for any reef system

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  • High performance professional AC protein skimmer
  • Professional protein skimmer incorporating a cone-shaped design
  • Innovative air intake silencer
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What is the TMC REEF-Skim AC?

TMC REEF-Skim and TMC REEF-Skim Nano are advanced protein skimmers that will remove organic waste from your reef aquarium before it produces ammonia and other harmful chemicals. This professional protein skimmer range boasts a compact, advanced cone-shaped body that allows for easy installation in most sump systems. Each high-performance professional skimmer comes with an integral needle wheel injection system which is designed to deliver the optimum flow rate. The skimmer range can handle aquariums from 50l up to 2000l so there's a skimmer to suit all sizes of marine tanks.

What are the benefits of the protein skimmer?

Along with being made from high-quality materials, each protein skimmer has a lot of innovative features to offer a reef keeper. The innovative air intake silencer offers precision adjustment of airflow into the skimmer for optimum performance and is also ozone compatible, so you can hook up an ozone generator easily. At the top of the skimmer, the large, easy-to-remove collection cup and drain system have been designed to grant easy access for effortless maintenance and cleaning. 

The skimmer is also easy to control, thanks to the simple water level adjustment dial, which allows the water level and airflow to be finely tuned to ensure optimum foam consistency. The foam is then enhanced by the space-saving design, which ensures optimum water-to-air contact time, while the patented bubble diffusion plate ensures uniform dispersal of micro fine air bubbles across the entire skimmer column. 

What's the difference between the skimmers in this range?

All of the skimmers in this range boast the same features and quality. The only difference across the entire range is the size of the hardware and the volume of the tank it can handle. The smallest TMC REEF-Skim Nano 50 AC can only handle a tank with a volume of 50l while the largest model, the REEF-Skim 2000 AC, can manage a tank with a volume of 2000l.

How do protein skimmers work?

Protein skimmers (also known as foam fractionators), use a venturi pump to create lots of micro-fine bubbles resulting in the removal of organic waste. The bubbles attract organic material in the water and then move it to the top of the skimmer where it creates 'dry foam' that will overflow into the collection cup, bringing the organic matter with it. This process leaves a brown waste liquid, called skimmate, that can be disposed of during maintenance, while the clean water flows back from the skimmer into your tank or sump.

What is an in-sump protein skimmer?

All the skimmers in this range are in-sump protein skimmers that are designed to be used in a sump located below the main aquarium. In-sump protein skimmers are popular amongst reef keepers as they don't disturb the reefscape and are hidden away out of sight.



Brand TMC
Guarantee 2 years


Product Maximum tank size Dimensions (H x W x D)
REEF Skim Nano 50 AC 50l 316 x 95 x 103mm
REEF Skim Nano 100 AC 100l 340 x 120 x 115mm
REEF Skim 200 AC 200l 445 x 165 x 120mm
REEF Skim 300 AC 300l 445 x 165 x 120mm
REEF Skim 500 AC 500l 450 x 190 x 160mm
REEF Skim 1000 AC 1000l 530 x 235 x 190mm
REEF Skim 1500 AC 1500l 530 x 255 x 210mm
REEF Skim 2000 AC 2000l 590 x 330 x 270mm
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