Hikari Betta Bio Gold

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Hikari Betta Bio Gold has been developed to provide complete nutrition for bettas and has been constructed to reflect their natural eating habits


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Product Information

Hikari Betta Bio Gold is the perfect fish to make your beautiful Betta fish thrive.

Hikari have put years of expertise into their food, which contains a premium source of protein and grape seed extract which is perfect for Siamese Fighting Fish. Grape Seed Extract is well known supplement to reduce the impact of aging on these beautiful fish.

Colours are also boosted by the addition of Spirulina, a natural food source and Astaxanthin, a keto carotenoid.

These tasty pellets float on the surface, so your fish can feed as it would do normally. Betta can be fussy eaters, and they can take time to adjust to a new food. Offer Hikari Betta Bio Gold for five days to acclimatise your fish with the change.

Feeding Instructions:

For a 1.5" Betta, feed 5-10 pellets in the morning, and again at night.

Add 5 more pellets per 0.5" of growth, but never more than 10 pellets for one meal.


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